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Texas Hold'em poker. You can play anytime and anywhere. It is completely free. Whether you are playing for the first time or experienced PlayTexas has something for you. Play for fun. Post your score to Facebook, Twitter and our leaderboard. The best offline Texas Holdem Poker around.

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Beginning Poker

If you are new to poker it is a fascinating game which has many levels (basic rules, understanding odds, player psychology, winning strategies). If it were a straight-forward game it would not have such a big following. There are many great web sites that will help you learn. Below are just a few of the basic rules to Texas Hold'em get you going.

Each player is dealt 2 cards that only they can see. Each player can then bet whether those cards will beat opponents cards at the end of the game. The terms are...

When each player has completed betting the next 3 table cards are dealt (called FLOP). Everyone can see these. Another round of betting then takes place. If at any stage you are the only player left in the betting then you win the hand and pot and do not need to show your cards.

The next two rounds are called the TURN and RIVER at each another card is turned over. So everyone has 2 cards in their hands and 5 table cards are visible to everyone. Now everyone must make the best hand they can from the table cards and their own cards. Only 5 cards count but these can be made up as follows 2 of your cards plus 3 table cards, 1 of your cards plus 4 table cards or 5 table cards. The hands are ranked beneath from low to high.

The hands are..(from lowest to best)

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